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La plataforma de RFID activa de RF Code permite a las empresas conocer la localizacion precisa de cada producto

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RF code R150 Temperature Tag (10U)

Price €500.00
The 433 MHz R150 Temperature Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that monitors temperature-sensitive items, such as assets in IT racks....

RF code R120 Door Sensor (10U)

Price €540.00
The 433 MHz R120 sensor is a battery- powered RF transmitter that attaches to the door of a standard rack cabinet or other door frame....

IR Generator RF Code A750 Room Locator

Price €246.00
The Room Locator is an IR (infrared) signaling unit used with IR-enabled tags to provide a method of locating tagged assets. Each Room Locator...

RF Code A600 Tag Controller

Price €120.00
Active RFID tag-enabled controller with special features that allow tags to be triggered on command or temporarily put to sleep. Warranty:...

R130 Dry Contact Tag RF Code (10U)

Price €710.00
The R130 Dry Contact Tag features two twisted wires that enable connection to a dry contact device. Once connected, the R130 will monitor and...

A740 Rack Locator RF Code

Price €102.00
The A740 Rack Locator is an infrared (IR) signaling unit designed for use in IT data centers with open or closed server racks. Warranty:...

IR Generator RF Code A700 Room Locator

Price €60.00
The A700 Room Locator by RF Code is an IR (infrared) signaling unit used with RF readers and IR-enabled active tags to provide a method of...

M175 Rugged Location Sensor (10U)

Price €410.00
The 433 MHz M175 Rugged Location Sensor is a battery-powered RF transmitter designed with a sealed, water-resistant, crush-proof enclosure for...

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