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fIDo Rain RFID Sled Reader

Price €695.00
fIDo (Model R1307IE, R1307IU) is a RAIN RFID sled reader of the easy2read© product line with integrated antenna for long range applications.

R5 wearable BT reader

Price €350.00
UHF R5 BT portable reader in bracelet format, allows a reading distance of 9 m, adapting the wrist strap or arm strap, it can be connected to the...

R6 UHF RFID Sled Reader

Price €400.00
Chainway R6 is specially designed for a complete one-piece solution with smart phone/PDA.

C66 Handheld Computer

Price €730.00
The C66 mobile computer is a newly developed rugged handheld computer with great extensibility. Built with Android 11 OS and Qualcomm Octa-Core...

UHF RFID terminals offer the user portability and the ease of working anywhere, giving the user the ability to reach places that are difficult to access, work on the move and be able to read tags anywhere without the need for an installation. .

UHF RAIN RFID readers have many advantages, but it always depends on the use we are going to give RFID technology. In addition to reading, storing and sending information, this type of reader allows the user to identify thousands of tags simultaneously, and they do not need to be visible. They can be short-range or long-range, and they also vary in size and portability.

They are a versatile and highly functional option that allows you to make the most of RFID technology. In addition, their price is very reasonable considering the functions that they are able to offer, which is why buying RFID UHF RAIN readers has begun to be the preferred option for those who resort to an RFID installation for their business.

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